MFN: My Favorite Narcissist    "BlackHeart" 3:50
Writer, Director, Cinematographer and Editor: Bruce Brown
BlackHeart is a concept/experimental video exploring spoken word, music and montage.
This video is a description of my art selected for the Crocker Museum Art Auction 2020.

The image I chose for the Crocker museum annual Auction is from my most recent series of images called Avian Translucide.

These digital paintings are inspired by the flight of avian creatures in a translucent state. 
They are a cross between a X-ray in motion and a Rorschach test in which every viewer perceives something different hidden in the skeletal structure of the birds. 
They are not meant to be a facsimile of any particular bird but rather inspired by my observations of birds I see in my daily life.
The piece is a 24” x 20” archival photograph printed on aluminum plate.  
I am very pleased to be part of this years wonderful auction. 
To see more of my work visit my website
Thank you for watching
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